Your boss hates you because you're disabled. Or, because you're a pregnant woman. Or, because of your race. He played games with you. He promoted someone far less qualified than you, for the 12th time. He wrongfully terminated you. The company has always taken his side. Now you're out of a job because of their discrimination.

The State betrayed you. They planted evidence on you. Their law enforcement agents beat you. They tortured you. You beat the criminal charge but you know an acquittal is not justice for what they did to you.

You need a champion.

You need justice.

Let me be your champion for justice. I'm a native Chicagoan and former prosecutor. After putting away too many citizens behind bars for minor offenses, I quit. I had become a prosecutor to fight for justice and fight for victims. I didn't realize that the main goal of the State's Attorney Office is politics, not justice. That politics and the machinery of bureaucracy dominate how the institutions of power--governments and corporations and the 1%--play games with our dignity and our lives.

Now I fight for you.

Before law school, I worked as a photojournalist for the Chicago Sun-Times for six years. That opportunity exposed me to the numerous injustices ordinary Chicagoans face each day, and the disruptive impact that complicated laws and regulations have on the working class. I left the Sun-Times and earned my law degree at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign-Urbana where I graduated cum laude in 2013.

I bring real trial experience and a commitment to support you as you face seemingly insurmountable barriers to justice. Let me walk with you and stand by your side as we hold these institutions of power accountable for their wrongful actions.